Kelsey Herbert

Campaigns Manager


Voting is not a just about choosing a president, voting is about making our nation better for future generations. When we vote in every election, for every candidate, we can make a bigger difference in the decisions that affect our community on issues that reflect our faith values, from justice for immigrants to a higher minimum wage, good schools and access to healthcare.


Vote because our voice matters! Vote because our choices will make a difference! Vote because you are a Votante Fiel!

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What is Votante Fiel?

Votante Fiel is a faith-driven Latino voter education, mobilization, and leadership development program. Through Votante Fiel, Faith in Public Life Action Fund partners with local Latino leaders to encourage their Latino friends and family to commit to voting. In house meetings, church events, and one on one meetings, Latinos receive training and tools in proven techniques for encouraging infrequent voters through phone calls and pledge cards. Votante Fiel builds on the strong religious and social obligations within the Latino community. For example, when a Latino leader commits to mobilizing their friends and family, they become a voter “godparent,” who will serve as a guide who brings their community together for a common cause.


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